JTPR Inc. is a full-service public relations and marketing firm that develops and implements communications campaigns that get results. Quick studies who can hit the ground running on nearly any subject, Jen and John Thomas specialize in simplifying complicated subjects and communicating clearly with the audiences that matter.

Identifying your objectives and the actions needed to reach them.
Our proven process not only helps you identify your communications objectives and the strategies and tactics that will help you achieve them, but it also has proven to be an eye-opening experience for leaders and their teams, helping them identify gaps in mission awareness, disconnects among silos and unrealized assets. As such, it tends to do more than simply help you plan communications -- it helps you build a stronger organization.

Driving positive change
When a historic church in Cumberland was on the verge of being torn down, the Town of Cumberland turned to JTPR to save the structure. As she has done on countless projects across the state, Jen helped organize public meetings, connected Town officials with the right people and organizations, and drove a traditional and social media campaign that raised awareness throughout the area. Today, that same church -- once at risk of being replaced with a gas station and convenience store -- remains standing, poised to become part of a senior housing project. Jen can bring that same experience to your initiative, whether it's focused on a neighborhood or the entire state.

Putting your words, uhm, into words
Often, you know what you want to say, but can't find time to organize your thoughts and put them into words. Or maybe you write well for your role, but writing an engaging speech, op-ed, stakeholder letter or other key document isn't your thing. Or maybe that annual report, employee-engagement piece or other essential organizational document is just one task too many for you or your team. JTPR delivers by understanding your organization and your communication need, putting together the right words for what you need to achieve, and doing it all in your "voice." If you'd like some samples, let us know ... but we'll also mention that you've probably already read some of our work on op-ed pages, in corporate reports and more ... it's just that it carried someone else's "signature."

Driving necessary conversations
As a trusted advisor, an experienced corporate communicator and a former journalist, John Thomas is the guide you need for tackling strategic planning, team building, vision setting and more. He’ll work with your internal team to identify what you’re trying to accomplish and the best exercises for gathering needed information. He’ll help you create an agenda and lead the conversation in a way that helps you achieve your objectives – and that also ensures that the session itself is a process of communication and organizational growth. And then he’ll deliver a report that helps you understand what you heard and crystalizes information into a useful format.

Organizations that have turned to JTPR for meeting facilitation include:

  • Central Indiana Land Trust
  • Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority
  • Indiana Repertory Theatre
  • Emmis Communications
  • YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Internal Communications
Keeping employees informed and engaged

Study after study has confirmed that enagegd employees are more productive employees, and that communication is the key to engagement. As the former Director of Internal Communications for Emmis Communications, John knows not simply how to inform employees, but how to connect them to your mission and help them feel that they own a share of your organization's success.

Tailoring the process to each client's needs, with a consistent mission.
For every media relations effort, we focus on a few key objectives:

  • Identify the messages that need to be communicated and the audiences that need to reached;
  • Forge clear strategies for delivering those messages;
  • and work with clients to implement those strategies.

This approach has helped organizations connect with both internal and external audiences, using every connection as an opportunity to deliver consistent messages.Together, Jen and John have trained more than 2,500 executives in media relations tactics, and generated coverage in such media outlets as The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and The Today Show, as well as all of the Indianapolis-area media outlets.

The New York Times Chicago Tribune
Indianapolis Business Journal Indianapolis Star
WTHR USA Today The Today Show


To learn what JTPR can do for your organization, contact us at
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